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The Origin Gable Window can offer the perfect finishing touch to a home. Exquisitely designed in-house at Origin’s state-of-the-art Buckinghamshire base, the Origin Gable has been made with symmetry and elegance in mind. No matter how tall or shallow the pitch of your roof, our gable can be installed with the sightlines matched perfectly with any doors leaves below for a truly stunning finish.


Offering an industry-unique internal and external flush casement, the Origin Casement Window combines traditional design with high grade aluminium and expert manufacturing to offer high levels of security and thermal efficiency. For a sleek design completely bespoke to you, our casement windows come with a guarantee of up to 20 years, finger safe gaskets, ultra-slim lightweight durable aluminium frames and advanced weather tight seals. Our casement Windows can be made up to 1000mm wide x 1800mm tall on side hung windows and up to 1500mm x 1500mm on top hung windows, allowing you to make a real statement.



Fitting bay windows can be an awkward task, so finding the right material, configuration and look is crucial in ensuring the traditional bay window look complements your property. Our aluminium windows are strong enough to accommodate large spaces with slim sightlines and won’t warp, flex or corrode – which you simply cannot achieve with uPVC, composite or timber. Available in over 150 colours, we also offer realistic woodgrain finishes, so you can reap the benefits of aluminium while still enjoying the look and feel of wood.


If you’re looking to utilise the space surrounding your existing doors or windows then Origin’s Fixed Frame Windows offers the ideal solution. Adding fixed frames to either side of your doors - whether they’re Bi-fold Doors, French Doors or Sliding Doors - or underneath casement windows creates a much brighter space with better views. And, with our flush casement, your fixed frames will look extremely elegant.
With a minimum size of 0.06sqm and a maximum size of 7sqm, there’s very little that our fixed frame windows can’t accommodate.
From size to colour, our windows are entirely bespoke, allowing you create the exact window you want.

ORG1865_French Window Silver 2 (1).jpg


Bringing traditional style to contemporary living, the Origin French Window offers a timeless look with all the strength premium-grade aluminium has to offer. Enjoy a completely open and uninterrupted view with the Origin French Window’s moving mullion. By removing the unnecessary barrier between indoors and outdoors, the mullion (often fixed on other windows) simply becomes one with the sash, completely eliminating any obstruction to your view. And, slim sightlines means that even when your windows are closed, you’ll enjoy unrestricted views.