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Made from premium grade aluminium and the highest quality materials for all its components, the Origin Bi-fold Door is one of the strongest and most secure aluminium bi-fold doors on the market today. Designed and manufactured in Britain, the door offers up to an industry-leading 20-year guarantee on all components.
The unique 8-point locking system is combined with secure hinges and includes chamfered 20mm linear bolts to withstand any tampering. The Origin Bi-fold Door is a totally bespoke product, so you can achieve the look and feel you want. Whether you have a large space or a small space, Origin Bi-folds range from two to ten door configurations to work with your living space.


With the same security and strength as the Origin Bi-folding Door, the Origin Corner Bi-fold truly adds the wow factor to any home by removing the need for a corner post and allowing you to maximise your view to the outside world.
Corner bi-fold doors can be folded back on a 90 or 135-degree corner and can feature either a fixed or moving post to accommodate your projects requirements. With all of the bespoke elements that are available across the Origin Home Range, your Origin Corner Bi-fold can be tailored to your needs.



Lightweight yet strong, energy efficient and virtually maintenance-free, our premium grade aluminium combines high levels of security with impeccable functionality. Only the best billets of aluminium are used to create all of our products, which makes them weatherproof, highly resistant to warping and corrosion, and so smooth to operate that Origin Sliding Doors don’t just slide, they glide.



Made using premium grade aluminium and finished with a high-quality powder coating to the colour of your choice, Origin Single Doors are the perfect solution for an external entry way. Whether you’re looking for a fresh new look or simply want to colour-match with existing doors or windows, all Origin products are completely bespoke and can be manufactured to your requirements.

Choose whether you want your door to open inwards or outwards and from a palette of 150 RAL colours, including a dual colour option for inside and out. Strength and security is important no matter the door, and the Origin Single Door is no exception.


A modern take on a traditional style, Origin French Doors add character and natural light to your home. Whether you’re updating tired doors or fitting in an entirely new set, Origin French Doors offer a sleek and elegant design manufactured with high quality in mind. Perfect for balconies, kitchens or living rooms, French doors are also a practical solution for a spacious entry door.
Opening to a full 180 degrees, Origin French Doors are hinged and can be manufactured to open either inward or outward, depending on your preference. Able to fit apertures ranging from 1.4-2.4m, and further options for fixed panes (also known as ‘flags’), these doors can be completely custom made.

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Crafted using the same high quality premium grade aluminium that’s found in Origin Bi-fold Doors, the Origin Residential Door is strength and elegance combined to create the perfect front door. Available in 35 panel options, 150 RAL colours and a wide range of knockers, letter boxes and PAS24 locking systems, the Origin Residential Door can be made to suit your requirements. Featuring tamper-proof barrels and the choice of a 5-point or industry-leading 8-point automatic locking system, Origin have designed a front door that not only offers style but also the highest levels of security.



Over 150 colours to choose from

If earthy tones or vibrant primary colours are more to your taste then you can choose from a wide range of over 150 different RAL shades; still delivered on industry-leading times for a smoother project schedule. What’s more, choose a dual colour option for a different interior and exterior colour to match or contrast existing features and designs.



Anthracite Grey